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Barclay Brown has invented new and valuable techniques to improve the in-store on-counter appearance of your bags. This means that Barclay Brown can be an invaluable  brand-booster for your best licensed products company.

Examples of our craftsmanship for Carrefour (extensive, worldwide private label), Adidas, Kipling, Le Sport Sac, Mitzi, Nike and Barganza are actually inside the bags made by these manufacturers.

We have been taught by experienced professionals, “Handbags are the best brand builders you can find”. Your bags are unique. We design to suit the materials and character that you have incorporated into your design. We know how to intensify consumer interest by highlighting your component materials and construction detailing.

  • You have selected materials and combinations of materials that give you the final design “feel” that pleases your customers.
  • You have selected top fabrics of a particular weight and construction for the outer appearance of your bags, you have a backing that suits your strength and drape requirements.
  • The weight and materials and installation of your piping may have an impact upon our design.
  • You select hardware, decorations trim and handle designs to have an impact on your customers’ eyes, they may also have weight and design requirements that we must understand.
  • Our excellent reorder record proves that meticulous attention is worthwhile.
  • You have lots of design ideas and refinements that are different from all other bag manufacturers, and it is our job to make your bag look great through understanding.