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 How It Works

Efficient, eye-catching Auto-Expanders™ feature supports made of cardboard with light-weight springs. The Expanders fold into a compact space inside your bags and allow them to be shipped compressed, two-to-four in the same carton used for one paper-stuffed bag.

When the bags are opened, the Auto Expanders™ support the outer shell of the bags with numerous small support triangles that hold a limited amount of the bag fabric under tension. When this is repeated over the entire surface of a bag, the bag looks the way the designer intended. Handbags stand on their own, to sell off counters and shelves, even stack, with a full, firm, yet soft-to-the-touch presence.

Only Barclay Brown offers this remarkable improvement over the centuries-old hand-stuffing paper. We design for individual bags or a large series at one sitting.

As for air balloons, they cannot fill the outlines of a bag as required by fashion designers. They can also be punctured easily by a child or by accident, losing air over time, permitting the bag to gradually fade-away.