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Our competition is stuffing paper. Trailer loads are available at a moment’s notice in any city of the world. Of course it’s wasteful, costly and environmentally unsound, but who cares? That’s our next problem.

Our competition is the status quo. It was done this way by granddaddy, so it must right. It’s tradition.”

Answer: That argument denies the march of progress and the evolution of intelligence.

Our competition is fear. Afraid to change from the luxury-priced, inferior hand-stuffing to the precise packaging now available. Never mind the details—Auto-Expanders are better and less expensive.

Our competition is the Jones. We never initiate change. Let our competitors initiate and de-bug the new ideas first. We want to be safe, not sorry that we did not ask all the questions before we tried out the newest idea on the block.

Answer: Too many followers, not enough leaders.

Our competition is laziness, available time, and staff“Although I can understand the opportunity and can save money by changing over, I don’t have the personnel to figure out the special packaging techniques Barclay Brown is offering. It needs care, it needs attention, it means adding a new step, maybe another person, perhaps delays in our production process. We’ll do without your money saving program. Sure we’d save money but we’re safe in what we are doing now.”

Answer: Increasing business and profit requires people who don’t think this way.

Our competition is design changes. We change designs and patterns four times a year. Can you, Mr. Barclay, make up so many different designs? Will you delay us and hurt our business by slowing us down?  We have thousands of current styles?”

Answer: 80% of your business is done on 20%–or less–of the sku’s you offer. We have done the shape, even your size and material, before.

Our competition is: “We have been shipping goods from Asia for thirty years. We have all the shortcuts covered and are the lowest cost guys you have ever met. Why should we change now? 

Answer: To make more money.

Our competition is: Why should I care about how many trees are cut down? Why should I care about the environment?”

Answer: If retailers and manufacturers aren’t concerned about saving the planet, their customers are. If nothing else, it’s just good business.

Our competition is: Your confidence. We have the skilled, passionate staff needed to push your costs down with a nicer appearing product. Why should you be left behind in the in-store marketing race?

Merchandising Advantages

Every bag is provided with a self-standing, invisible display inside that maximizes the size of every bag, adds perceived value, eliminates wrinkles, removes ugly, tired, old-age-look drooping, and offers the dream appearance designers aim for that drives faster bag sales. Un-crushed handbags look fresher, cleaner, newer, and more vibrant.

  • Every bag can be used for photography presentations.
  • Facilitates quicker replenishment with faultless stand-ups that organizes shelves faster.
  • Lighter weight bags speed and facilitate the carry and set-up task.
  • Smaller, fewer rigid incoming cartons don’t fall over, protect products better, reduce workload.
  • Easier to stack onto shelving, and counters. Faster turnover of photo-perfect look in fresher, cleaner-looking department.
  • A cleaner department floor without messy stuffing paper encourages customers to increase purchases–this is not a forgotten department.  * Boosts your budgets for increased sell-outs of better looking bags, even bags of larger sizes that can now be merchandised more economically.
  • Accentuates the fine trims, ornamentation and finishes used in your bags.
  • Emulates luxurious department & specialty store look at everyday prices.