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ECO Friendly

ECO Friendly packaging encourages sales from customers who resent the huge paper and handling waste. Lower cost-to-use Expanders replace costly, “inexpensive,” high-cube stuffing paper and are endorsed by leading non-profit Tree Planting foundations. Direct contacts between your company’s production factories and Barclay Brown simplify your cost savings, just like those of VF, Carrefour, and Family Dollar. 

Efficient packaging replaces current wasteful, high-cost procedures. Begin your margin-building program without delay or sign-up time. Reduce labor costs, which may be raised to $9/hour. Pack more bags and less paper into every carton. 

Zero capital investment required, and no extra space costs needed to become environmentally aware and cost-conscious. We can provide the artwork to educate your consumers to the earth-friendly, tree-saving program embarked on by your company. 

Higher-income families and millions of youngsters world-wide are being taught to be environmentally-friendly every day. 

Reduce transportation cubes for soft bags by half and double the number of bags shipped in every container, trailer, truck, pallet, and carton. Higher gross margins, reduced costs, drive profits to the bottom line. 

Half the number of trucks are required to carry your bags to market, reducing gasoline energy use and emissions, as well as costs. Reduce corporate waste and transportation, and handling bills. Learn from the apparel industry’s “pre-hung logistics program.” Large savings are obtainable with improved technology for retailers and their bag vendors.

Merchandising Advantages

Every bag is provided with a self-standing, invisible display inside that maximizes the size of every bag, adds perceived value, eliminates wrinkles, removes ugly, tired, old-age-look drooping, and offers the dream appearance designers aim for that drives faster bag sales. Un-crushed handbags look fresher, cleaner, newer, and more vibrant. 

  • Every bag can be used for photography presentations. 
  • Facilitates quicker replenishment with faultless stand-ups that organizes shelves faster. 
  • Lighter weight bags speed and facilitate the carry and set-up task. 
  • Smaller, fewer rigid incoming cartons don’t fall over, protect products better, reduce workload. 
  • Easier to stack onto shelving, and counters. Faster turnover of photo-perfect look in fresher, cleaner-looking department. 
  • A cleaner department floor without messy stuffing paper encourages customers to increase purchases–this is not a forgotten department.  * Boosts your budgets for increased sell-outs of better looking bags, even bags of larger sizes that can now be merchandised more economically. 
  • Accentuates the fine trims, ornamentation and finishes used in your bags. 
  • Emulates luxurious department & specialty store look at everyday prices.