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The Barclay Brown Auto-Expander™ is a patented device inserted into soft bags–backpacks, diaper bags, duffel bags and luggage–prior to shipping the bags to retail stores. It eliminates the need to use paper stuffing to make the bags attractive at retail.

You get the lowest shipping rates (slashed by more than 50%) and the best display appearance.

Auto-Expanders™ are created in our design studio in New York City and made to order in Shenzhen, China. They are placed into your bags in your Asian factories and the bags are then shipped flat to your distribution center with the Expanders inside. The Expanders remain flat within the bag until unpacked, and then, with a mere shake, they open bags to their ultimate display appearance.

Barclay Brown Auto-Expanders are an economic solution to reducing warehousing and distribution costs, and an excellent method of minimizing storage space requirements during the high peak back-to-school season.

They’re environmentally friendly –reducing cubic trucking volumes and saving trees in the process. In short, it costs far less to transport and distribute bags with Auto-Expanders™ Period.

You can test our idea right away by sending us several of your sample bags. We will return them with the specifically designed prototype Expanders inside, no charge, together with our price quote.

No charge for initial sample making, with modest transportation costs arranged and paid for, by purchaser.

For any inquiries contact Maurice Hedaya 347-578-0100